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My name is Monet, and I /obviously/ have a passion for reptiles. Im into all sorts of things, animals, art, videogames anything so if you'd like to chat feel free to message me since I'm always open to making friends.

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It’s mommy/Mango morning! I woke up early so mom brought me upstairs for cuddles in her bed. Eventually we got up and I had a nice warm bath followed by more cuddles. Feeling spoiled :}



S’moresAnery 50% Dodoma 66% het paradox albino

Pictures are mine, snake belongs to Crystel.




Friend Kirby doesn’t believe me when I say that I can eat dandies like popcorn. Not even mom can keep up with dandies on demand!

Oh yea, those neck extensions are awesome waffle! IMPRESSIVE!!  Humom here is always surprised that when offered such delicious noms, our necks seem to double in size and our speed triples!! never doubt the power of dandelions. 


A couple of comparisons between Blender and Spoon.


It’s Monkey Monday!

Do you remember Monkey, who is a present from my beautiful sweetie Mango? He gives the best nap time snuggles for Monday blues!






Another apology for my hiatus without letting anyone know.

I had gone away to visit a relative for ten days, left my animals in the care of my mother and trusted her. She has lots of experience with reptiles so it was fine.
My dragon was perfect, but on the day my step father and mother came to…

Reptibark..? As in like wood chips? If so, you’ll probably find them in her gut if you take her to the vet for a necropsy.. Everything else sounds fine tho I think, how big was your dragon?

She was 15 inches long, she was underweight for a little because she was gravid and not eating but she had gained all of it back. I didnt feed her in her tank to be sure she didn’t eat any bark, she was always in a seperate empty tank I use to feed my reptiles (all at different times).
Though that is what I thought at first.

Even if you feed them in another tank, there’s still the chance they go full derp and pick something up, or lick spmething and it gets stick to their tounge, so they eat it. Thats why most of the reptile community say it’s not worth even trying to use any kind of lose substrate, somethings can still happen, sadly. what were the temps of the tank? I don’t remember if your first post said it or not, haha.

Her tank is 95 on the warm side, and about 83 on the cool side, but at night I keep them off since my whole house is wood basically, so theres a heating pad under her tank that I turn on every night that also helps her digest. Wouldnt surprise me if she went full derp honestly, she loved smacking her face on her tank even though I would hold her every single day :p we are going to be taking her to the vet to make sure she didnt have anything that could be givento my other herps, and then we have plans with her body.